Francis Grey Wolf

If you are organising a workshop and would like me to do a tutorial, please contact me for availability and subjects.


If you are interested in hosting a workshop in the UK, please let me know and I will provide details of the type of tutorials, self empowerment and healing workshops can do


Some examples of my workshop tutorials:


Workshops are by Donation only.




Your Power Spirit Animals


Learn who your spirit animals are and how they can protect us. All Life forms have a position on the Medicine Wheel of Life and can enhance our life if we know who our power spirit animals are and how we are able to help each other.






Spiritual Healing


Using you energy to heal others by connecting to your spirit guides. Your healing guides will also help you to connect to Earth energy and not only to help heal animals and plants but also Mother Earth.




Drumming workshops


Bring your own drum or use one of ours and listen as we meditate to the heartbeat of Mother Earth and the rhythmn of life during this group workshop. A vision and song may come to you during the drumming which will inspire you and may connect you to your spirit guide and inner self. This is a fun workshop and you can learn 4 drum beats.



Drum making


This is a 1 day course where you learn how to make your own meditation drum, starting with the hide and hoop you will learn how to lace and stretch the hide which prayers to offer as you make your very own drum and how to care for it, so it will last you a life time.




Many of my workshops are inspired by contact with my spirit guides and through the spiritual leaders, star people I have worked with. To learn more about my workshops, bookings and donations please contact me on

07850 198082.