Francis Grey Wolf



A year of enlightenment or a year of ignorance




What is it the world governments do not want to tell us about Fracking, Chemical Trails, Alien technology, visits to Earth from the Star Beings, decimation of the rain forests, Crop Circles, big Pharmaceutical companies, GMO crops and a whole host of other things calculated to keep us uninformed and therefore controlled.


For now that is my definition of ignorance and we will have a whole lot more to say about the above subjects later.


What is and is not spiritual? To the greater good of Mother Earth more and more people have become spiritually aware and as a consequence more enlightened not just spiritually but also philosophically, empathically and emotionally. More people are coming to us expressing in a very emotional way their fears about what the banks, global corporations and world governments are doing to us as human beings but also to all life forms be it animal, vegetable or mineral. We listen to these fears and have now become inspired to not just to listen but to act. We know that now is the time to make our voices heard.


Why is it that we are the only ones on the planet who have to pay to live here, where did civilization go wrong? Attempting to answer these questions in my own way I feel it is because we have been indoctrinated to succumb to the two greatest illusions ever invented by man and these are the illusion of time because the animals and plants do not need it and are quite content to go by the rotation of the sun which governs the seasons. And the biggest illusion of all is money. Check out the facts, no country in the world has enough gold reserves to back up its currency. To illustrate this you only have to look at what is happening to the Euro – need I say more? Many civilizations even today thrive without the use of money. These are referred to as primitive civilizations but what is so primitive about finding everything you need in the way of food warmth and shelter from its source without plundering the earth? What is so primitive about caring for the elderly without putting them into homes? What is so primitive about giving your child an education by taking them out into nature and showing them how to plant crops, how to hunt, how to matriculate and read symbols?


Where did we go wrong, where did we lose the plot? The answer lies in a third great illusion – the illusion of fear! And fear has no place in the spiritual word and need have no place in our world either. But what manifested the fears in us to the extent that we rush about fearing lack of time and lack of money. To answer this we must look at two controlling factors which dominate civilization as we know it and these factors are Politics! Both of which do not have any place in the natural laws of Mother Earth, the Universe or Galaxies but spirituality and spirit does and has the potential to play a huge part in enhancing our lives to the point where we are no longer victims of illusion. This is the shift of consciousness that we must now embrace if we are to save Mother Earth and ourselves.

How do we go about it? Certainly not by renouncing all our worldly goods and going to live in a hippy commune as much as we would love to and embrace the ideology of it. This is possible for some, but most of us are too entrench in our mode of living to be able to escape from it, so what are the alternatives? What can you do as an individual or family to gain more spiritual insight without making unnecessary sacrifices and still earn a good living, educate your children and take care of your pension?

The answer is not difficult but it is not that easy either because if you really want to become more spiritually aware and as a result help all humanity, be at peace with yourself, protect our planet and rid the world of bigotry and ignorance the first thing you have to do is completely change your mindset about all the things that rule and control you right now. And if this means ridding yourself of religious and political ideology so be it. And in the process rid yourself of Guilt, Fear, Jealousy and Anger or any other influence that you feel/know is having a negative impact on your life. Why is it then, knowing that we need to make changes to enhance our lives we actually fear change, we fear stepping out of our comfort zone and doing something different. Perhaps it is because we have structured our life in such a way that any changes to our daily routine would be stressful and having created our reality to the point where we are comfortable a change in our opinions, philosophy or mindset would be too much of a leap in the dark for us to take. Yet, on a sub-conscious level we crave change but our conscious mind reject it because we are not ready to take that quantum leap of faith; perhaps in ourselves or in the opinions of those around us.


The power of meditation may be one answer and if you can day-dream you can also meditate. Meditation will help you to connect to your spirit guides, guardian angels or any other angel or star being, with the prophets of old, the elders who carry the ancient wisdoms of the universe or with the savior Jesus, who incidentally was not a Christian, he was Jewish. As a historical fact and what the Christian Bible will not tell you is that the Christian movement started 200 years before the birth of Jesus and started as a break away proselyte group of Judaism. So if you are true to your religion is your religion equally as true to you? And the same concept may be applied to all worldwide faiths. There is no right or wrong way to pray to the supreme Creator.


Supposing I told you that you have not yet met all the people you are going to meet. Would you automatically relate to that statement or reject it. Well, whatever you think about that statement it is perfectly true, there are still a lot of people you have yet to meet; be they future friends, workmates, strangers, or even babies. How many times have you stopped to stroke a puppy walking along the street with its proud keeper? Wherever we are and whatever we are doing the majority of us are prepared to talk to strangers in the supermarket, car park, bus stop, you name it the possibilities are endless to such a degree that you have probably greeted a stranger as you entered this building. What now, if you have the same thoughts about your spiritual self? If you are truly striving towards spiritual enlightenment then you must not be a stranger to yourself and acquaint yourself with several realities by observing certain principles which are not to assume that just because you want to be more spiritual you will automatically become more spiritual, this is rather like jumping into a light aircraft and assuming you can fly it without having had any flying lessons. The first protocol is to ASK PERMISSION! Once you have done this your spirit guides will be ready to help and guide you through all stages of your spiritual development.


We often hear the expression “lightworker” and largely assume that we know what a lightworker is and that once we have made the first steps we too can become lightworkers. As a matter of fact this is perfectly true, once you have set yourself on to the path of spiritual enlightenment you have already become a lightworker.

In part, the aim and objectives of a lightworker often involve a degree of hardship and self sacrifice all of which may be necessary and all of which you may be grateful for at some stage as we rid our planet of corporate greed, political corruption and dogma’s.


I am reminded of the story of a boy talking to his grandfather telling him that he felt two wolfs within, one angry and the other peaceful and wanting to know which one would win. Grandfather thought for awhile and then said “the one that you feed”. Imagine now that you can divide your body into four parts; the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual which one would you feed? Right now you are going to feed your spiritual body as you seek the knowledge you need through books, workshops, meditation and spiritual teachers. Remember that self belief is just as important as believing in your teachers, spirit guides and the world of spirit.



The physical body connects you to the element of Earth

The emotional body connects you to the element of Water

The mental body connects you to the element of Fire

The Spiritual body connects you to the element of Air



What this means is that our physical body takes care of our earth connections which we feed with food and drink in the right proportions in order to stay fit and well and stay grounded. Our five senses of touch, hearing, seeing, smelling and taste need to be fed on a daily basis which we do automatically.


Our emotional body being akin to water will experience feelings of icy calm, boiling rage or a smooth unruffled path if things are going our way. It also experiences all the feelings of anger, rage, jealousy, impatience all of which will be instantly negated by an overwhelming feeling of love which is truly the most powerful of emotions once we have fed it and allowed it through


The element of fire is what our body experiences through exertion be this with work, exercise, sport or any other physical activity we indulge in. energy produces heat and we feed this energy with our daily activities.


Finally the element of air connects us to our philosophical, logical and spiritual body. This is the one people in the past have neglected the most but now with today’s better educational facilities and a greater understanding more and more people are beginning to feed this body. Earlier I mentioned the five senses and now I can mention the sixth sense of spirit giving us insight, instinct and intuition. All of us without exception have psychic powers! By the same token all of us without exception can release those powers to the ultimate good of Mother Earth and the planets in our Galaxy and the Galaxies beyond. It is a scientific fact that so far we have only developed a third of our total brain capacity, imaging what it would be like when we develop the remaining two thirds and become super intelligent spiritual beings.


It is time then for us to exercise our birthright of free will. You no longer need to be enslaved by the corruption of global corporations advertising through the media what you must have whether you want it or not, We no longer need to be part of a mock civilization that have misled and misguided us for centuries. We have now entered an age of new and renewed energy which was brought about by the planetary alignment at the end of 2012 and with the help of the Star Nations that live in these Galaxies and want to help us. If you are wondering why they want to do this it is because by ensuring our survival the also ensure their own. I want to take you back to the 1950’s and 60’s when H bombs were being tested in different locations around the world, one of the sites chosen for testing was the uninhabited Bikini Island in the Pacific Ocean; The force of the explosion was so great that the whole island disappeared and the shock waves like ripples in a pond are still reverberating around the Universe. The Star people came to us then and asked the world governments to stop testing these horrendous weapons and in return offered technology beyond our scope. Suddenly we had transistor radio and television, reception improved, new ways to transmit were “discovered” and computers were becoming the norm for business’s all of which led us to what we have today, an unprecedented leapt forward in technology at a growth rate never seen before in the entire history of mankind.